Civil litigation involves claims by individuals or organizations against others, for legal harms, where money damages and equitable relief are available, such as restraining orders and injunctions. Proving harms and damages can be challenging and may affect the potential outcome of a claim or cause of action against another. Despite the economic aspects, at times matters of principle and ethics are important factors in civil disputes.

Our attorneys assist clients in a variety of general civil litigation cases, including but not limited to simple contract disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, deceptive trade practice claims, breach of fiduciary duties, personal injury claims and defense, fraud claims, and other consumer issues.

MKim Legal will listen to your claims, whether you are considering filing a lawsuit or are the one being sued by another, and advise you of all options to determine how best to proceed in general civil litigation matters. The attorneys at MKim Legal are well versed in handling diverse legal issues in civil litigation, from initial consultation through arbitrations, mediations, pre-trial hearings, trials, and appeals.

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Business & Commercial Litigation

MKim Legal has successfully represented clients in a broad range of business and commercial disputes, ranging from simple contract disputes to complex matters.  Our team focuses on the business objectives of the client and provides legal...

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Business Formations & Transactions

MKim Legal serves businesses by helping them operate professionally, avoid difficulties, pursue opportunities, and manage business transitions.  MKim Legal works with clients from the formation, through establishment, purchases, sales, and related transactions.

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Employment Disputes

The best employer and employee relationships are founded on well-communicated expectations and the tools and processes necessary to achieve them. Sometimes, despite the best plans and communication, things go wrong. There are an infinite number...

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