Business Formations & Transactions

MKim Legal serves businesses by helping them operate professionally, avoid difficulties, pursue opportunities, and manage business transitions.  MKim Legal works with clients from the formation, through establishment, purchases, sales, and related transactions.

MKim Legal provides transactional services including but not limited to entity formation of various structures, financing and commercial dispute resolution, stock and asset purchase and sale agreements, buy-sell agreements, voting agreements, drafting and review of contracts, drafting and negotiation of employment and independent contractor agreements, drafting, revising and/or negotiating operating and partnership agreements and by-laws, drafting and negotiation of leases, and drafting and negotiation of non-compete, solicitation, and employment agreements.

Whether your business is new or growing, we can help you protect your resources by making sure you are legally protected. MKim Legal will review your business operations and objectives to advise and create the appropriate business formation, or to serve your transactional needs. We will help you understand what you need to do and adapt to the needs of each client in all types of business situations.

Other Practice Areas

Business & Commercial Litigation

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Employment Disputes

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