Business & Commercial Litigation

MKim Legal has successfully represented clients in a broad range of business and commercial disputes, ranging from simple contract disputes to complex matters.  Our team focuses on the business objectives of the client and provides legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

MKim Legal represents businesses and individuals in voluntary and involuntary partnership and corporate dissolutions, disputes over purchase and sale agreements, and conduct of officers and directors in their roles as fiduciaries. MKim Legal also provides services to commercial business owners and developers, including commercial landlord and tenant disputes and negotiations, and also handles construction litigation matters. We represent commercial and construction company owners, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects and engineers, and provide litigation services for a full spectrum of business and commercial disputes including breach of contract claims, fraud claims, deceptive trade practice claims, warranty claims, tortious interference claims, breach of fiduciary duty claims, as well as civil theft and conversion claims,

Our attorneys work with clients to assure the best possible result through arbitration, mediation, and when needed, trial.

Other Practice Areas


Civil litigation involves claims by individuals or organizations against others, for legal harms, where money damages and equitable relief are available, such as restraining orders and injunctions. Proving harms and damages can be challenging and...

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Business Formations & Transactions

MKim Legal serves businesses by helping them operate professionally, avoid difficulties, pursue opportunities, and manage business transitions.  MKim Legal works with clients from the formation, through establishment, purchases, sales, and related transactions.

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Employment Disputes

The best employer and employee relationships are founded on well-communicated expectations and the tools and processes necessary to achieve them. Sometimes, despite the best plans and communication, things go wrong. There are an infinite number...

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